Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why schematics is awesome

Schematics it's a python library that has primary use to validate json data.

Why is this awsome versus other validation tools like validictory or jsonschema ?

The workflow by design is based on the django/sqlalchemy, so you get back an object that has fields and each field can have it's own type, even complex types like objects that contain their own fields and so on.

One more thing that schematics has is - default values. This comes very very handy if you want your data to be normalized,

This is a simple example on how it works:

>>> from schematics import models
>>> from schematics import types
>>> class Client(models.Model):
>>>     name = types.StringType(required=True, min_length=1, max_length=255)
>>>     email = types.EmailType(required=True)
>>>     active = types.IntType(default=1)
>>> c = Client(raw_data={'name': 'John', 'email': ''})
>>> c.validate()
>>> c.serialize()
>>> {'active': 1, 'email': u'', 'name': u'John'}

There are many other options to validate data - see Schematics.